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As a horse whisperer and mentor for communication and transformation, I help horses and people to experience one another through love, clarity, trust and respect for each other.


The Horse Inspiration Academy, which I founded, has set itself the task of understanding spirituality in the mirror of living horses as a tangible, urban, modern and individual reality and thus integrating it into everyday life. The best spiritual school is (everyday) life itself.

 Désirée Dior – Metsa Yaka

Désirée Dior – Metsa Yaka was born in Germany in 1985.
Since a very young age she felt drawn to the mystics of the Universe and started seeking for truth.
Her first and ever „home“ she found with the animals, especially with horses. Since early childhood she felt fascinated and drawn to their energy. Around their presence she was able to deeply connect within herself and just BE.
Her other „home“ she found in the work with Ayahuasca. Right from the beginning she tapped into a old connection to the realms of the plants and went through an intense out of body initiation process on her path as medicine women.
The next years she went herself on a profound healing journey out of deep depressions and anxiety guided and supported by the sacred medicines.
In 2016 she became initiated by her teacher Inkanima from the Shipibo lineage and received her medicine name Metsa Yaka.
In 2017 her first own horse Levante came into her life and she started studying with her dear friend, transformational teacher and horse wisperer, Larissa Simon, founder of Horse Inspiration Academy and her personal journey began to deepen even more.
In the same year she began as well to lead Ayahuasca ceremonies herself combined with different types of energy, body and integration work. 
As a comitted inquiry practitioner herself with a strong intuition, she is holding a space of presence, clarity, love & allowance for humans and animals.
Her work is all about consciousness, reconnection, profound transformation & deeper understanding.
Since 2017 is living with her 3 amazing horse teachers, a precious deer, her three dogs and 12 cats in Andalucia surrounded by beautiful nature.



Even as a child, I was fascinated by the grace and strength of horses.

When I was near them, I felt a sense of freedom that stopped all my worries, expectations and fears about the future. Because I was in the presence - present with the horse.


I spent a lot of time with horses and therefore I had the chance to work with different characters. When I was 17 I met my warmblood mare Principessa and then Larissa. Through this connection I was able to experience an even finer, more authentic communication with the horses.


Furthermore, I became aware of my own emotional body and began to deal with energies, emotions, womanhood and embodiment. I learned from people, animals, books and from my own processes.

I worked as a kindergarten teacher for a few years until I realized that my life was taking me in a different direction.

In 2016 I completed the training in craniosacral therapy and acupuncture-meridian-massage. I work with people and animals, connecting with their energy field and get their system back into flowing. 

Well, if I'm not with the horses, I fly around the world to get inspired by the stories of people and their cultures.


My name is DEVI PREMA MADATHIE, Sabine. I am Acharya, a spiritual mentor.

For more than 25 years I have been on the path myself, searching for the meaning of life, of breathing, of BEING.

I don't want to bore you with my life story, just so much it was NOT walking on an even path.

Violent, soft, sad and funny, painful and passionate experiences have led me to where I am right now and I am thankful for that.

My best teachers were not all the gurus but my students, my friends and most of all my horses (thanks Larissa)

Yoga and horse…with LOVE, means that you start to move with love, that you become present in every movement and that you live YOURSELF in your authentic life!

I think at some point we are too awakened to continue playing ego tennis or crawling on the surface, then the time has come to take your life into your hands, live your happiness and be free.

I and the horses would like to accompany you a bit.

Aho Sabine



Teresa Martin studied classical and contemporary Dance at the Academy of Ballet of Amsterdam. As a daughter of the composer Frank Martin, Teresa grew up in a creative surrounding of music and theatre. Upon finishing her studies, being a great admirer of Spanish Dance, Teresa went to Spain to be taught by the most important teachers from various backgrounds: Enrique el Cojo, Paco Fernandez, Matilde Coral, Maria Magdalena, Ciro, Manolete (flamenco), Juanjo Linares, Pedro Azorín (folklore) and Victoria Eugenia (classical).


With its archaic beauty, dignity, Eros and humour Flamenco is one of the deepest art forms I know.
Flamenco goes directly to the core of life, to the centre of the human soul, there where dark and light, life and death, joy and sorrow meet.

The wise Confucius (China, 551-479 BC) said: “show me how people dance and I will tell you whether their civilization is sick or in good health”.

Teresa will support us with Tai Chi Chi Gong. Here is what she says about it:


The Taiji (Tai Chi) Qigong (18 movement) is a modern Qigong form combining elements from the Yang form Taiji and more traditional breathing and movement exercises from Qigong. The routine combines slow, deliberate movements, meditation, and breathing exercises. It is easy to learn and benefits:

  • circulation
  • balance
  • coordination
  • provide gentle stretching
  • exercise major joints, tendons, and muscles
  • massage the major internal organs
  • calm your mind and reduce stress
  • and according to Chinese medicine theory, the movements stimulate the energetic meridian system and strengthen the Qi (vital energy).

Doing the 18 movements outside in nature helps you to tune in your Chi (energy) with the Chi of the Universe.


“When Teresa teaches us the practice of Tai Chi Chi Gong, it is her grace, dignity, wisdom, joy and radiance that gives us an insight about the essence of this work. It is a great honor for me that she will support us on our way.”


Dr. Syed Asad Gilani


Als ich Syed zum ersten Mal traf wusste ich nicht, dass ich innerhalb weniger Stunden mit ihm zusammen und durch seine Hilfe mein komplettes SEIN neu begreifen und erleben würde. Jeder der/die das Glück hat ihm zu begegnen wird in welcher Form auch immer gesegnet sein. Es ist mir eine große Ehre und Freude dass er sich bereit erklärt hat uns eine Woche in diesem Projekt zur Seite zu stehen. Seine Weisheit, Liebe, Würde und sein wunderbarer Humor, seine Großzügigkeit und sein unendlich scheinender Raum für alle Anliegen die Mensch auf der Seele hat, machen ihn zu einem der nicht allzu vielen Meister, die derzeit auf der Erde sind um uns zur Seite zu stehen. Er selbst bezeichnet sich allerdings nicht als Meister. Er lässt jeden spüren das er nicht mehr und nicht weniger ist als der/die ihm gegenüber steht. Er hat mir im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes „seine Hand gereicht“ und mich an „The source“, (oder „Gott“, oder „die Energie“ oder was auch immer der Name ist der gegeben wird als Beschreibung der Instanz, die mehr ist als nur unser menschliches  Sein), angebunden. Seither darf ich sehr viel Heilung und eine neue Lebensfreude und vieles mehr im eigenen Lebensalltag und meiner Arbeit mit Menschen und Pferden erfahren.



2 years ago I met our host Jose for the first time. I asked him what motivated him to create this wonderful place, the Hotel Rural Naveterra? His answer was very touching: He got the information (intuition) to bring a place of spiritual development into the world. He has truly succeeded. He himself has served this place patiently and lovingly for many years. Jose is a wise, warm-hearted "Eldest", as the urban people call the people who, in older age, help the younger ones to be able to understand their purely material being as a spiritual being. And he is the keeper of this place that offers everything a human could desire as a temporary shelter on his way into his higher self.




Passionate about horses since I was a little girl, I practiced jumping then dressage before finding a master that taught me the techniques of the Equestrian Art from the 18th century. In parallel, I trained as a psychotherapist with the European School of Transpersonal Somatotherapy for 3 years. And I discovered shamanism which I integrated into my philosophy of life. I also learned Equitherapy at the University of Paris.




I developed my own method for educating and training horses, which I called « Alternative Equitation », removing the tools that are used for controlling by pain, as well as the saddle, and working on the relationship with the horse, looking for complicity and harmony at all levels. I also developed my own psychotherapy method, that I called « Equestrian Artherapy », as a personal development tool including horses as true partners. Then I started my activity in the North of Spain in 2006 and I relocated to the South of Portugal in 2010, where nature offers to horses (as well as to myself and my dogs !) idyllic living conditions. The land in which 16 stallions and 2 gelded can enjoy a “horse’s life”, consists of 70 hectares of undulating land dotted by cork trees and surrounding a lake. They live in semi-freedom together with other stallions. Those “ecological” living conditions and the “respectful” education they benefit from turn them into sweet, sensitive and benevolent partners that know what they have to do to help you to progress, even by challenging you when necessary, either at a technical, emotional, psychological or spiritual level …




Since 2016, I oriented my work towards events for awaking consciousness regarding the horse’s characteristics and needs, as well as the attitude one should adopt for establishing a healthy relationship and a peaceful communication with them, based on mutual trust, respect and love. Nowadays with my horses, I basically propose courses of connection with the horse and with oneself around those 2 themes :




Knowledge of the Horse : TO BE not TO THINK


Self-Knowledge : TO FREE not TO CONTROL


Technical Knowledge : TO FEEL not TO ACT




Transformational EquineAssisted Learning

 Larissa Simon


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