"Spirit-Horse and SELF" Portugal / On the edge of the unknown

Finding your true self in the mirror of the horse


Enter in the world of Energy

Making the invisible visible through Horses


Shatter yourself through getting PRESENT with Feelings and Emotions

This is about commitment to your personal truth


Balance female and male essential Qualities within yourself

Get a deeper understanding about the nature of Polarity.


Transform into your Potential

Being able to manifest and embody your dreams

“There’s a field somewhere beyond right and wrong. I’ll meet you there.”



Firstly explained what we will “do”:


In this project we devote ourselves to 6 stallions of different ages, which live freely together in Portugal on an area of about 80 hectares.

Another 12 stallions were part of a project there that has set itself the task of socializing stallions of all ages with one another. For private reasons, 6 of these stallions are now being taken out of this project.


The owner of the 6 stallions is my partner Jose Canero.  Epona, who made it possible with her know-how to keep stallions in this way and who is the owner of the other 12 Stallions, is willing to help us in the transitional phase of taking out the 6 horses of the big Herd. Her knowledge of how stallions behave towards one another is outstanding.


In a first step, the 6 animals are socialized with each other under the guidance of Epona. So that 18 stallions can live peacefully together, they form smaller subgroups. In order to be able separate the 6 animals from the others, they have to be regrouped, since some of them have formed their groups with the horses of hers.


Currently the regrouping is taking place and we will see if we can socialize all 6 together. The animals are currently staying in the same place, but in a section of the finca that is separated from the other horses.


From October 2022, getting to know the 6 horses will begin in 3 steps. Larissa Simon and her team will be on site for one week each month between October 2022 and May 2023.


The focus of our work:


Eventually, one day you'll have gotten enough out of the way within yourself to have an experience (of whatever kind) giving you the certainty that you're more than just a physical body.


This experience will be a gift. You can neither “work for” nor “learn” nor “ask” for it. Because basically you already have it within you. It is an ability that is as familiar to you as the ability to breathe. However, in this time that we are living in, most people are denied access to this natural ability. Because we have forgotten how to look inwards.


But there is something we can do: We can decide to turn our gaze back inwards and start to "clean up" ourselves. To become of what we feel, with what we are present without being aware of it. We can bring light where there is darkness within us.


We can do all this to clear the way for our conscious CONNECTION to a source that will make us independent from the outside. It is up to each individual to name this source.


And we will "live" all that has just been described together with the horses and some wonderful people in these weeks. Each in their own unique way. The horses help us to look more honestly and deeply into ourselves through their mirror. They only react to what our bodies speak to them and are not misled by the spoken word. Out of deep pain, most people don't really want to show themselves. Because they are afraid of the judgment of others because they still judge themselves.


These weeks will be dedicated to creating a space in which you (and we, the coaches) can relax and show yourself with everything that IS in you. Only in this way can we solve what needs to be solved in order to clear the way for something bigger.

“The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.”

How you can participate in this Project:


So we open the space for everyone who is on the way to find out more about themselves, to find out what they really want, who they really are and what they really enjoy.


Whatever is the theme you are working on at present in your life, this will be a space of bringing light to places within, which need awareness in order to move on into your next higher Potential. Larissa and her team are at your side as coaches. No prior knowledge of horses is required.

But not only that. You will also get an insight into the processes of the coaches. And it is guaranteed that the mirror of these wonderful beings and all the themes that will come up for everybody involved these days, will provide everyone with exactly what he/she needs now to be able to take this next step

This project is a very sensitive, authentic project because the coaches also come out with their processes.

So everyone who goes in is required to hold a respectful and loving space for one another. We will learn from the Horses and from each other.

When working with horses that are completely unknown to us, it will be about the reflection that everyone who faces a horse will experience.


Larissa Simon, who will lead the project, points out that this is not a planned course program, but that we are embarking on a journey into the unknown together.


Will you be in direct contact with the horses?

Your participation is largely as an observer and participant in our reflection rounds. However, we challenge you to look for a horse that particularly touches you. We will give you the opportunity to get in direct contact with this horse in a framework secured by us.


Here are the 3 steps how we will proceed:

Our learning

1st step: getting to know each other


• Understanding the basic Charaktertype of each horse

• What does who need and how

• Who needs healing and why

• What does each horse need to experience joy with humans

• Who fits which horse and why the best possible potential comes to light for both.

• Which horse reflects my deficit and what do I have to develop to do justice to this horse.


2nd step: The horses learn

• How does each horse learn best and what do we teach them.

• How do we exercise them?

• Who will be ridden and how, if at all?


3rd step: The future path of horses

• What does a future project with these horses look like?

• What is their purpose?


Looking at yourself in the mirror of the topics that we look at with the horses:

Our learning

1st step: getting to know each other

• Who am I really?

• What do I need to feel good?

• What needs healing in me?

• What do I enjoy?

• With whom from my immediate environment can I live my highest potential? Is there someone like that without me consciously recognizing him/her until now?

• Which people reflect my deficits and what do I have to develop in order to get out of toxic relationships - entanglements.


2nd step: Your "learning"

• What is there for you to "learn"? Which information from the field of self-development and spirituality serve your own development?

• What does your physical body need? What practice (yoga, meditation, sport, walking, etc.) do you need so that your physical body is well supported.


Step 3: Your Vision

• What is your future life project?

• What are you really passionate about?



Step 1

October 15-23, 2022

Larissa Simon and Team


November 19-27, 2022

Larissa Simon and Team

This group is also assisted with Tai Chi Chi Gong by my dear friend, the wonderful Teresa Martin.


December 24.12. 2022 – 01.01. 2023

Larissa Simon and Team

The Christmas - New Year's group is also supported and accompanied by our wonderful friend and yoga teacher of a special kind "Sabine Broghammer".


step 2

Feb. 18-26, 2023

Larissa Simon and Team

Teresa Martin, Tai Chi Chi Gong


March 25 – April 02 2023

Larissa Simon and Team

Sabine Broghammer, Yoga


step 3

April 29 – May 07 2023

Larissa Simon and Team

This week will also be accompanied by our wonderful friend and very special Master, Dr. Syed Asad Gilani


We will also have another guest with us:

EPONA, the woman who made this kind of keeping Stallions togehter possible, will share her knowledge with us via lectures. Epona lives on site. She will spontaneously join the groups as her personal schedule allows.



Participation weekly: 
15/10/- 23/10/ 2022
19/11/-27/11/ 2022
18/02 -26/02/ 2022 
990€ per week (Without accommodation)

12/24/2022 – 01/01/2023 and 25/03 2023 – 02/04/ 2023 with additional yoga offer with Sabine Broghammer: €1,250(without accomodation)


29.04.-07.05. 2023 with additional accompaniment by Dr. Sayed Asad Gilani:

€1,250 (without accodomation)


Participation in the complete package: 4800€ without accommodation (800€ per week)

The complete package also includes all special groups (2 weeks with additional Yoga with Sabine Broghammer, 1 week with Dr. Syed Asad Gilani and working with Teresa Martin.)

Hotel Naveterra

PRICES Hotel Naveterra


3 Bedroom: Suite: 58€ per Person 
Double Bedroom with Terasse: 105€ for 2 Persons 
Double Bedroom Standard: 89€ for 2 Persones   
Single Bedroom: 75€ 
Full Board 44€ per Person per day  

Shuttle Airport Lissabon Hotel Naveterra: 80€ (both ways)




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Spirit-Horse and SELF / On the edge of the unknown

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