Step 1  Through the mirror of the horse you can see the "whole picture" of YOUR -“SELF”.


Step 2  You will transform the parts within yourself that still prevent you from living your FULL POTENTIAL


Step 3  The new mirror of the horse consolidates your experience of "YOUR NEW-SELF".

The Course "Spirit of Horse Whispering" teaches you to becoming "present". This also includes dealing with ALL you will find within yourself. The course is suitable for those who want to meet their light and shadow.


We go deep and your companion into your own inner worlds will be one of our characterful and beautiful Arabian horses of the Finca Canada del Robledo. Even people without any horse experience can participate. If you are a horse owner you will undestand the realtionship with your horse and your horses reactions towards you at a much deeper level. And you will be able to change whatever is needed within yourself for getting a new mirror of joy and harmony together with your own horse. 


If you happen to fall in love with one of our horses it might be possible for you to also buy the horse. The Finca is a Stud Farm for a very rare Arabian Horse Breed.

Modul I

Parasympathetic nervous system

The „Leading Mare-Vocabulary“


Relieve deep-seated blockages in your energy system by relaxing


• Understand the basic vocabulary of the language of

the „Leading Mare“


• Explore female essence within yourself and connect through this essential quality with a horse.

(we all carry it inside, Men aswell as Women)


Modul II

Sympathetic nervous system

The Leading Stallion Vocabulary


• Exploring a good tension that brings power into action


• Understand the basic vocabulary of the Leading Stallion language • The dance with a horse through the combination

of tension and relaxation


• Learning to build and maintain an authentic connection to a horse.



Transformational EquineAssisted Learning

 Larissa Simon


Spirit of HorseWhispering

Die Termine für 2023 in Österreich

10.-13. August 2023 am Michaelihof

"Spirit of HorseWhispering Grundkurs"


24.-27. August 2023 am Michaelihof

"Spirit of HorseWhispering Aufbaukurs"

Kann nur gebucht werden nach Teilnahme des Grundkurs.


Österreich / Pinggau

Am Michaelihof



Auf der Finca Canada del Robledo in 11650 Villamartin  

Aktueller Termin: 29.09-09.10. 2022


Hotel Naveterra in 7250-145 Alandrual

Spirit of HorseWhispering / On the edge of the unknown

Oktober 2022 bis Mai 2023



Online Kurs

Shifting Reality 

Auf deinem Sofa bei Dir zu Hause



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