Spirit-Horse and SELF

– On the Edge of the Unknown –

April 29 – Mai 07, 2023
– Portugal –

(This course is also suitable for people without any horse experience.)

“There’s a field somewhere beyond right and wrong.

I’ll meet you there.” (Rumi)

The Project

What we will "do"

In this project we devote ourselves to 6 stallions of different ages, which live freely together in Portugal on an area of ​​about 80 hectares.
Another 12 stallions were part of a project there that has set itself the task of socializing stallions of all ages with one another. For private reasons, 6 of these stallions are now being taken out of this project.

The owner of the 6 stallions is my partner Jose Canero. Epona, who made it possible with her know-how to keep stallions in this way and who is the owner of the other 12 Stallions, is willing to help us in the transitional phase of taking out the 6 horses of the big Herd. Her knowledge of how stallions behave towards one another is outstanding.

In a first step, the 6 animals are socialized with each other under the guidance of Epona. So that 18 stallions can live peacefully together, they form smaller subgroups. In order to be able separate the 6 animals from the others, they have to be regrouped, since some of them have formed their groups with the horses of hers.

Currently the regrouping is taking place and we will see if we can socialize all 6 together. The animals are currently staying in the same place, but in a section of the finca that is separated from the other horses.

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Enter the world of energy

Making the invisible visible through the field of horses

Our Work

The Focus of our Work

Eventually, one day you’ll have gotten enough out of the way within yourself to have an experience (of whatever kind) giving you the certainty that you’re more than just a physical body.

This experience will be a gift. You can neither “work for” nor “learn” nor “ask” for it. Because basically you already have it within you. It is an ability that is as familiar to you as the ability to breathe. However, in this time that we are living in, most people are denied access to this natural ability. Because we have forgotten how to look inwards.

But there is something we can do: We can decide to turn our gaze back inwards and start to “clean up” ourselves. To become of what we feel, with what we are present without being aware of it. We can bring light where there is darkness within us.

We can do all this to clear the way for our conscious CONNECTION to a source that will make us independent from the outside. It is up to each individual to name this source.

And we will “live” all that has just been described together with the horses and some wonderful people in these weeks. Each in their own unique way. The horses help us to look more honestly and deeply into ourselves through their mirror. They only react to what our bodies speak to them and are not misled by the spoken word. Out of deep pain, most people don’t really want to show themselves. Because they are afraid of the judgment of others because they still judge themselves.

These weeks will be dedicated to creating a space in which you (and we, the coaches) can relax and show yourself with everything that IS in you. Only in this way can we solve what needs to be solved in order to clear the way for something bigger.

“The universe is not outside of you.
Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are.”


Break through your limitations by becoming present with feelings and emotions

Your commitment to your personal truth

Your Room

You as Part of this Project

So we open the space for everyone who is on the path within, finding out what you really want, who you really are and what you really enjoy.

You can bring your current life theme to find answers to burning questions this week. Larissa and her team are at your disposal as coaches. No prior knowledge of horses is required.

Balance your feminine and masculine essential qualities within you

Get a deeper understanding of polarity

The Team

The transformation into your potential

Manifest and embody your dreams

The Horses

Find your true SELF in the mirror of the horses

Prices & Booking Options

Course prices do not include accommodation and meals

Spirit-Horse and SELF


|| 9 Day Course March ||


March 25 – April 02, 2023

Spirit-Horse and SELF


|| 9 Day Course March ||
|| 9 Day Course May ||


March 25 – April 02, 2023
April 25 – May 07, 2023


Spirit-Horse and SELF


|| 9 Day Course May ||


April 25 – May 07, 2023

Seminar Venue – Accommodation & Meals – Arrival

Venue & Accommodation

Hotel Naveterra ***
Herdade Nave de Baixo
7250-243 Alandroal

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(Accommodation and meals are not included in the seminar price)

Prices Accommodation & Meals

3 bed suite: € 58,- per person
2 bed room with terrace : € 105,- for 2 persons
2 bed room standard: € 89,- for 2 persons
1 bed room: € 75,-

+ full board: € 44,- per person & day

Cours Beginning & End

Cours beginning:  Saturday, 6pm
Arrival:  Saturday. lates 5pm
Cours end:  Sunday, 3pm
Departure:  Sunday, after 3pm

On the return flight, note that the bus ride will take at least 2 hours. The return flight should therefore not be before Sunday evening or Monday.

Travel Information

Lisbon (Portugal)
You can find cheap flights here: https://www.skyscanner.de

From Lisbon Airport to Evora. We will then pick you up from Evora bus station.

Rental car:
You can also rent a car at the airport for the duration of the seminar. This gives you more flexibility if you want to do an excursion on your own. Car rental prices in Portugal are very affordable. You can find good deals here: https://www.carjet.com

Pay a little visit to our beautiful seminar venue in the hotel’s promotional video:

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