Shifting Reality

with the support of the mirror of the horses“

1 week intensive Retreat for 1 to 2 participants in Andalusia at the Finca of the Horse-Inspiration Academy

(You do not need any experience with horses to participate in this retreat.)

You LOVE Horses?

You need a majour SHIFT in your life RIGHT NOW?

Together with Larissa Simon and her Horses of the Horse-Inspiration Academy, you will freely dance together with a horse into your desired shift.

And now let us talk about making majour shifts in life. 



…If we KNEW HOW to do it we would do shifts in seconds in terms of „getting rid“ of whatever it is that does not align with our perception of what makes us happy.

And here we are facing two facts which will not work if we want to shift something:

1.    Fighting the „unkown“!

2.    Getting „rid“ of something!

Here comes in my offer to you:

Me and my wonderful horses will open up a space for you to

1. Relaxing into the unkown.

This will give your Soul an opportunity to connect you with all the feelings that are there about not being able to shift until now, that it is you so deeply wish for to shift. Even if you are just now reading this and are not interested in booking the week with us, do just this internal adjustment, to relax into your personal „unkown“ and let free all the feelings trapped inside of the tention which wants „control“ of the situation, this already probably will be a huge milestone to your desired shift. I guarantee you this 😉

2. Deeper UNDERSTANDING of what IS

Before change can happen we deeply need to understand why „WHAT IS right now“ is the way it is right now. But the answer to this question will for sure NOT be found inside your head. You need to find it inside of your HEART. There the answer lies and horses have such a huge field of compassion for our sorrow, that they help us dig deeper in ourseleves where the hurt is to be found. Why we need to go to our hurt? Because some kind of „hurt“ will be the cause of the not shiftable situation you are in right now. It is always the cause for repetitions which seem to be out of our control.

3. Creating your VISION from a place of power

After those 2 steps it is time to look deeper into your VISION of yourself and your life. Now we can start to create your future life from a place of power, connected with your ability to stay present (and not freek out 😉 in the face of the UNKOWN. Because your VISION IS in the KNOWN for you if we manage to hit the point where your SOUL will be talking to you. Again, count on the horses for HELP on that. But KNOWING your VISION still will not give you a fully written PLAN with by when dates HOW to get there. So we will continue with step 4

4. Creating a NEW EXPERIENCE

You need some new experiences about your own power, your ability to feel joy and CONNECTION in the PRESENT MOMENT. And here again, count on the horses. Now the dancing with the horses begins. You will be taught how to freely dance with a horse, using body language. This experience will change your perception of yourself on a very deep subconscious level. You will be connecting to another being beyond words. And believe me, you will feel a quality of connection that will fill your heart with joy. I have many horses here and until now, could connect exactly the right horse with the right person who can create this connection with each other.

5. Nutrition

Now here is a very important piece to the puzzle. In terms of our working together around step 4 we can fully trust, that all that needed to happen for you to being able to making the shift, had happened. And whatever it is we still need to work on will evolve in front of us. And while we are doing all of this work there will be another factor adressed. And this is nutrition. There is a saying „we are what we eat“. So food will be adressed as a topic aswell. There will be a vegan cook who will take care of our daily meals. If the physical body does not get what it needs to feel good, our mental, emotional and spiritual body can not replace what is missing on the physical level. It is also very important for a good deep process within yourself that your physical body is able to let energy flow through you. So tons of noodles with cheese souce and spare rips with french fries won’t be part of our diet. We can go out for dinner the last evening and have some of that if we feel like it 😉

6. Human Design

As another source of support there will be a specialist on the field of Human Design to look into your individual needs. Human design is a wonderful way of undestanding oneself and how certain things function and also don’t function for the type you are inside of these analytics. It indeed gives us hints specifically for the HOW to getting to where we want to get and this is of huge value, as the HOW, possibly also for you, is the most difficult part. The HOW is about the transfer from the energetic field (THE VISION) into the physical field (MANIFESTATION)

7. Follow Up

As another support for you we will stay together for another 6 weeks after the week with us in Spain. We will scedule 3 Zoom Calls (every 2 weeks) as a follw up

Your Investment, Accommodation and Travel Informations


Horse-Inspiration Academy

Finca San Pedro

11650 Villamartin

Day 1: Arrival day until latest 18.00, first dinner together

Day 2-6: Full working days with 1 horse-sessions every day

Day 8.: Departure Day after our last BRUNCH together (13.00)


This course can also be booked for 2 participants if you are familiar with each other and willing to share the guest house, which only has one dormitory. So best friends or couples could participate together.

The price for 2 participants will be 5.197,- per person.

Your Investment


Full Board in our Guest House

All sessions with the horses

Special nutrition plan from our vegan cook

2 Human Design Readings

Follow up 6 weeks

Preperation Call 3 weeks before the week’s course

Shuttle from and to the airport (Sevilla or Jerez)

Excludes: Costs for your trip

Travel Informations

Seville and Jerez de la Frontera

Rental car:
You can also rent a car at the airport for the duration of the retreat. This gives you more flexibility if you want to do an excursion on your own.
You can find good offers here, for example:


The Finca San Pedro is located in the middle of an organic olive grove on 22 hectares within a property totaling 260 hectares on the edge of the white village of Villamartin, in the province of Cadiz. One of the most beautiful areas of Andalusia, with 1 hour to cities such as Seville, Cadiz, Ronda and Jerez, 30 minutes to the mountains of the Sierra Grazalema Natural Park and also 1 hour drive to beautiful sandy beaches.


Larissa Simon

Horse Whisperer

Emotional Body Awareness Trainer

World Bridger

Ambassador of Equine Medicine

Shadow Work Mentor


…is an ambassador for the horse-medicine. Anyone who meets her encounters their true self in interaction with her and the horses. It is very important to her to initiate people of all ages into the art of self-discovery. As soon as a person is able to reflect on themselves in depth, beyond right and wrong, the process of healing and finding the TRUE SELF begins. Her allies are the horses. She herself has been walking side by side with them for more than 20 years. She lives with her husband and 13 of her own horses on a finca in Andalusia.

Part of the Team are:

Christina Leipold, Nutrition Expert

Christina’s great passion is the topic of health.

From her own story, which involved years of searching for her own health, Christina knows the arduous path of suffering as well as the enriching feeling of life when health and vitality are restored.
Fact is: health begins in the mind.

The science of clin. Psycho-Neuro-Immunology views the human being as a source of impulses and a receiver whose systems are constantly interacting with each other. Every input in nutrition, exercise, breathing, regeneration, relationships, individual mindset and other lifestyle factors has an effect on all levels.

Christina’s advice is focused on the potential of food, especially the effect of food on all levels: physical, emotional and mental. Valuable food can help to create more inner connection and bring your true self to the world. Christina meanwhile has become an outstanding Expert on her field.

Human Design Readings with RUNA

Human Design is a system that combines astrology, the chakra system, I Ching and Kabbalah and uses your birth date to reveal your energetic blueprint. It can help you make decisions, give you a better understanding of yourself, and give you greater clarity about your life purpose and potential.
Runa is an expert in human design. With the help of human design, she was able to better understand herself and her dynamics with other people, make healthy decisions and therefore live more authentically. Since then, she has been passionate about sharing this knowledge with other people.

But Runa has another gift. Her presence alone creates a field of consciousness and inspires authenticity, clarity and self-care.

Another expertise of hers is cooking. She will be doing a very special cooking for this weeks special diet.

Registration Shifting Reality in Andalusia

Available Dates for 2024

April 2024 (between 01.04.-28.04)

June 01.-08.06 and 22.-29.06.2024


Oktober 2024  ( between 05.10. 26.10.2024)


If you are interested in booking this training, please book a free call with me to set a date which fits you the best.


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