Horse Goddesses

– The History of the Course –

“It started with a feeling”

“A feeling that lasted little more than 10 breaths. The said feeling came from the area around the navel. It was like there was another world right there, around my belly button. This world was more colourful, more intimate and somehow more luminous than the world I had known up until then.”

And in that world I saw a woman.

She was tanned and muscular, but somehow petite in her appearance. She went barefoot. It must have been warm in this world, as she was very scantily clad. Her clothes looked like the nature that surrounded her. And her eyes sparkled with pleasure. I heard her laugh wildly. This woman had freed herself from the corset of good manners, at least that was the first thing that struck me when I watched her. And then I saw her mount an incredibly beautiful brown horse and gallop away towards a wild rocky landscape. A solar eclipse colored this passionate world blackish red. Bridle and saddle were unknown to this woman. Her horse was as wild as she was, and she was as free as her horse. I couldn’t get that woman and her wild brown horse and this wild world out of my mind.

Two years later I had another vision.

I actually sat on a horse this time. It was a bitterly cold full moon night in winter. I was alone in a riding hall. Again I saw into another world.
And again I saw a woman, but not the same woman who had ridden the brown horse. This sat on a white horse, but also without saddle and bridle, and looked at me.
Then she turned her horse and rode leisurely along a small rise. Her feet were bare and she had long legs that seemed to enclose the body of her strong horse. Her toes were pointed downwards, similar to a dancer’s feet. Her posture was upright and proud. Her gaze was relaxed and friendly.
There was a smile in her eyes and she didn’t seem to know the word “worry”. Yes, there was something about her that showed no sign of fear. She seemed so connected to life that there was nothing that could scare her. She seemed “sovereign”. And she seemed to have endless time. The connection to your horse was deep and intimate. I got the impression they both knew exactly where they came from and where they were going.

I found the women of both my visions in Celtic, Gaulish, Irish and Welsh sagas and myths. They are goddesses or mythical creatures. And they come on splendid steeds and they are splendid, powerful, beautiful women. By the way, they often come on “white horses”. Their names are Epona, Etain, Rhiannon, Carman, Modron, Macha, Medb, Ana and Dana. They are horse goddesses. They appear as horses or with horses. They are characters from the “other world”, the world beyond the borders of this reality. Woman and horse appear in mythology as a symbol of redemption, freedom, connectedness, beauty, sovereignty and fertility.

This archetype woman slumbers in every real living woman, no matter what age. The woman on the brown horse is an outward, active aspect of being that is focused on a goal. Once the focus is set, this aspect cannot be irritated by doubts or obstacles. The woman on the white horse corresponds to an inward, softer aspect. Her calm, wise and soft way of connecting with herself and the “outside” stands for a form of “felt spirituality” that gives meaning to our actions and actions.

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