The Path Within

Uniquely original

Live your individuality, strength and personal freedom.

 With HORSES as MENTORS to living your TRUE SELF

Confrontingly direct & mindfully sensitive

Welcome. My name is Larissa Simon. I work with horses as a tool to uncover our true SELF. You don’t need any experience with horses to work with us. And if you have a horse or some experience with horses, you’ve come to the right place too.

Mirror Mirror on the wall….

 What if you had a magic mirror that had a groundbreaking answer to every problem you are facing?

Does something like this only exist in fairy tales?

In the field of horses this magical mirror is reality. Because magic begins where we begin to make the invisible visible.

Finding your TRUE SELF

We will MOVE you to unkown places within yourself

The path within can also be fun and humorous.

Break the corset of your “rules of behavior” and unleash your own untamed liveliness. The horse is a symbol of exactly that and leads you there as your mentor.

 If you would like to talk arrange a free call with me. I am to your service.

The Academy

What is the Academy?

The Academy is a spiritual school, in which we live and teach using the mirror of a horse as a way for introspection.
We help you understand the mirror of a horse in depth and show you how to use it for your own transformational process as well as improve your relationship to horses up to the degree that it matches your dreams. It doesn’t matter which area of the horse world you come from, or perhaps you haven’t had any experience with horses yet, but you are fascinated and attracted by them, you will be given the opportunity to experience yourself with and through horses in various courses.

Eastern as well as Western indigenous teachings, a broad know-how about the language of horses and various training methods that are aimed at serving the horse instead of using it, will lead you on your way to your dream relationship with these wonderful beings.

The Horse Inspiration Academy has set itself the task of understanding spirituality in the mirror of living horses as a tangible, urban, modern and individual reality and thus integrating it into everyday life.






Unlock your highest potential

Find your true Self in the Mirror of the Horse


Transformational EquineAssisted Learning

The World behind the Curtain through the Mirror of the Horse

The Path Within


Larissa Simon

Horse Whisperer

Emotional Body Awareness Trainer

World Bridger

Ambassador of Equine Medicine

Shadow Work Mentor


…is an ambassador for the horse-medicine. Anyone who meets her encounters their true self in interaction with her and the horses. It is very important to her to initiate people of all ages into the art of self-discovery. As soon as a person is able to reflect on themselves in depth, beyond right and wrong, the process of healing and finding the TRUE SELF begins. Her allies are the horses. She herself has been walking side by side with them for more than 20 years. She lives with her husband and 13 of her own horses on a finca in Andalusia.

You will be taught

… how to freely dance with a horse, using body language.

This experience will change your perception of yourself on a very deep subconscious level. You will be connecting to another being beyond words. By doing so, you will feel a quality of connection that will fill your heart with joy.

Finding Fulfillment in us…


Participant Feedback

Simon (Martial arts coach)

I found what I was looking for, barrier-free access to horses, without prior knowledge, totally direct and real.

Tanja (Entrepreneur)

It fascinates me, as individually as the person participates, there are such individual topics, and Larissa has the ability to tickle, solve and work on these topics from the bottom up with full love… so that there is a wonderful result that then the mirror horses.

Susanne (Artist)

In the connection to the horses, guided by Larissa, you get a depth that we all really long for.

Thomas (Therapist)

Larissa brings a high level of competence as a trainer. In fact, she is able to attend 8 people a day with full attention, without loss of energy.

Otmar (Cabaret artist)

Larissa has so much experience with horses and so much experience with people… and she connects horses and people in a very unique way.


There has been a jump in consciousness for many of us and we have been able to experience how much can transform in a short time. Larissa led the group very clearly and very freely. I felt safe and valued.

Waltraude (Eurythmy teacher)

She has a musicality within her that she can transfer to horses and life. This right rhythm, this inner tone, which is just right with all its colors and expression, and she can connect it so that, like a chord, she hits everything that is important.

Roland (Coach)

What fascinated me about Larissa’s work right from the start was her enthusiasm and willingness and her tireless will to bring success and insight to her participants.

Michael (Horse trainer)

I learned from her to look at certain moments in horse work with a different eye. To ask “why is the horse doing what it is doing” and not “the horse doesn’t do what I want” and to check myself and my communication for mistakes or spongyness.

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Transformational EquineAssisted Learning